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Identity Theft Protection for Business

Glen GarrityG2 Identity Management provides in-depth identity protection and management training for businesses that requires their clients, customers or vendors to present government issued picture ID to confirm their identity or require accurate identification of fraudulent ID.

Founded by Glen Garrity with over 22 years experience in law enforcement, G2 Identity Management has the knowledge and skills to train your employees on how to spot and deal with fraudulent ID’s.

As a law enforcement patrol officer, Glen was a first responder to robberies, burglaries, assaults, accidents and disputes. He was responsible for the preliminary investigation of any crime including conducting interviews and booking evidence.

Glen was promoted to Residential and Commercial Burglary Detective. Investigations included the interview of suspects and witnesses, surveillance of potential and actual suspects, filing court documents, making physical arrests when appropriate, and assembling and serving search warrants. He would meet with judges and the district attorneys, and sit as the lead investigator during preliminary trials. He attended annual burglary conventions and quarterly burglary meetings to learn the latest crime trends, scams, criminal methods of operations and law updates.

It was during this time that Glen became skilled at identifying fraudulent id’s, and investigation of identity theft. Upon his retirement from the Newport Beach Police Department, he determined to apply his knowledge to teaching businesses how to identify fake id’s, as well as best practices on the management of identities within a business. G2 Identity Management’s objective is to provide your business with the ability to Detect, Protect and Defend yourself from identity thieves. Call 949-279-4801 for more information.

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